Tether explained the reasons for developing a decentralized messenger for communication

The world's largest stakeholder Tether and the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex announced the launch of a decentralized messenger for communication - Keet.

It became known that Bitfinex and Tether teamed up with software developer Hypercore for the joint creation of fully encrypted P2P add-ons on their own platform Holepunch. The first product of their collaboration is the fully secure dock for Keet video links. The new add-on gives users full control over their data and communication channels, without using the hard PP or external servers as intermediaries. Several cryptographic keys are used to protect direct communication.

The Holepunch protocol is currently in alpha testing mode and has a locked output code, but the developers plan to release it by the end of 2022. Holepunch does not work on blockchain, but uses Lightning Network - a second-tier solution that increases bitcoin transactions, at the same time reducing costs. Developers who want to create, for example, a payment add-on for Holepunch, will be able to do it through Lightning.

Technical Director of Tether and Bitfinex Paolo Ardoino called the main reason for the development of a decentralized messenger for communication - the desire to give full freedom to the users to express their own thoughts.

"Confidentiality is one of the most forgotten human rights. Everyone should have the right to tell their fathers what they want, without worrying about whether someone else is listening," Ardoino said. According to Paolo Ardonino, apart from financial freedom and independence, it is important to have freedom of speech, which is not always possible in today's conditions (taking into account the possibility to be heard by a third party).

As Ardonino explained, the Keet add-on is free for use and is safer than centralized Web2 analogues, such as Zoom or Google Meet. Subscribers can call directly to another person's computer without saving anything on the server. Currently Keet is available for use only on a computer, but the developers have promised that a mobile add-on will appear in the near future. Also, representatives of Keet said that the quality of the video at the calls will be decent from anywhere in the world.

We would like to remind you that Tether (USDT) became the first cryptocurrency to receive the status of a stable coin. However, even the leaders of the crypto-industry are not 100% protected from hacker attacks. So by the end of June, representatives of Tether reported an attack on the official site of the company. Attackers demanded a bribe from the company in order to avoid massive DDoS attacks, but the Tether team took the necessary steps to prevent the imminent pressure on the system and maintain the parity of 1:1 USDT to USD.